Some background information

About us

Amsterdam Jewel Cruises was founded in 2009. Our goal is to genuinely offer all our guests a great time and hopefully some nice memories.

It makes no difference if you are a couple looking for a romantic evening on our sailing restaurant or a business group renting the complete boat for a private event, we will always treat you welcoming, friendly and give you the personal attention you deserve.

We are not happy until you are!

About the boat


The almost sixteen meters long saloon boat, the Henry Schmitz, was built in the early 1900's at the famous yard of Jean Schmitz in the German Königswinter.
The Henry Schmitz sailed as a ferry on the Rhine river at the height of Flittard.
The boat was completely restored in 2000 and equipped with all comforts.


Teak and mahogany, combined with the beautiful copper bar and comfortable red upholstered chairs give the boat a very warm and classic look. The unique layout with the bar halfway the boat, gives the boat a very cozy and intimate atmosphere.
Furthermore, the boat is equipped with heating, so it is comfortable in the winter on board. There is also a music system and a toilet.
When the weather is nice the side and rear sections can be completely opened, which makes the cruise totally fantastic!

Ship's Bar

The boat has a fully equipped bar, with Heineken draught beer, various types of freshly brewed coffee (cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, ristretto and of course "regular" coffee). In addition, we serve wines and various liqueurs and spirits.

amsterdam jewel cruises the bar of the boat


  • Original antique riverboat
  • Small and intimate, max 8 tables
  • Can be opened in summer
  • Closed and heated in winter
  • Toilet on board
  • Full bar on board

For who

Sailing restaurant / Dinner Cruises

For everyone looking to spend a nice evening with their partner/friend(s) or collegue(s) while enjoying good food and wine and beautiful views of Amsterdam!

As the sailing restaurant is a (romantic) evening cruise we decided it should be an adults only cruise.

Although we love small children, they do tend to change the atmosphere and sometimes you just want to do something without your, or someone elses, children. So, the only restrictions we have for the sailing restaurant is an age restriction: the minimal age is 16.

For the rest, and this should go without saying: everyone is welcome!

Please note that however charming our antique boat may be, the downside is that it does not have an easy access for those with mobility issues. You will have to be able to take a few steps down into the boat (we will help you board where we can of course).

romantic dinner cruise evening amsterdam

Private cruises / Boat hire

A private cruise is a perfect treat for corporate or private functions. Impress your collegues or clients with an evening dinner while sailing through Amsterdam. Or celebrate your birthday or anniversary with family and friends.

When hiring the boat for a private cruise there are of course no age limits, so if you like to bring children, they are most welcome!

We have a lot of experience organizing private cruises so your event wil be in good hands and you do not need to spend a lot of time or energy in arranging it, we will take care of it all.

We have sailed with CEO's of multinational companies as well as couples celebrating their anniversary with family and friends.

For us it makes no difference, we treat everyone the same and we will offer the same professionalism and friendliness to the president as we will to your grand mother.

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Why Amsterdam Jewel Cruises


Our sailing restaurant is unique in Amsterdam. Only with Amsterdam Jewel Cruises you can dine and sail on an antique boat without having to rent the whole boat. Instead you can just reserve a private table. Perfect for couples and small groups.


Amsterdam Jewel Cruises is affordable. Sharing the boat with other couples / small groups makes a dinner cruise with us much more affordable than a private dinner cruise, while you will still get the unbeatable ambience of an antique boat and a quality dinner. And with only maximal 8 tables it is still an intimate cruise.

(Price explanation: about half the ticket price is for the cruise of almost 3 hours with a guarantueed private table, and the other half is for the dinner)

romantic dinner cruise evening amsterdam

Sharing the fun doubles it

The above is a loosely translated Dutch saying meaning that sharing the pleasure only adds to it. We could not agree more.

Besides making it more affordble, we feel that sharing the boat with others, of course each group or couple sitting at their own private table, enhances the ambience.

How happy would you be, being the only couple in a restaurant?

romantic dinner cruise evening amsterdam


Sailing through the canals of Amsterdam with your loved one or friends is by itself a nice experience already. Enhance this with the ambience of a charming antique riverboat and you have a great evening. To top it off we will put on some background music and serve you a delicious dinner.

Really, it does not get much better than that!

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romantic dinner cruise evening amsterdam